Chip's Challenge Returns: Pre-Order Now for Game Boy Advance

Gaming Staff • February 20, 2024

The Retro Room Games, an independent publisher, has announced that the classic puzzler Chip's Challenge is now available for pre-order on Game Boy Advance. The game is priced at $44.99 USD and includes a cartridge, box, and instruction booklet. Originally developed by Epyx, Chip's Challenge debuted on the Atari Lynx in 1989 and has since been ported to various platforms.

In Chip's Challenge, players take on the role of Nerdy Chip McCallahan, navigating through 148 two-dimensional levels filled with block-pushing puzzles and enemies to earn membership to the Bit Busters Club. The Game Boy Advance version includes the same features as previous versions, including the option to skip to the next level.

The Retro Room Games has previously published Chip's Challenge on Nintendo Switch, SNES, Genesis, and Steam. The game has received positive reviews on Steam, with 90% of reviewers giving it a thumbs up.

The Retro Room Games is dedicated to keeping retro games and retro-style games alive and in the hands of gamers. They have published a variety of games for various platforms, from NES to Game Boy to Sega Dreamcast.

Chip's Challenge is a classic puzzler that has stood the test of time. The Game Boy Advance version is sure to provide a challenging and enjoyable experience for fans of the game and retro gaming enthusiasts. The Retro Room Games' dedication to preserving and publishing retro games ensures that a new generation of gamers can experience the joy and challenge of classic games like Chip's Challenge.


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