Chef RPG: Craft Your Culinary Empire in a Vibrant Open World

Gaming Staff • June 4, 2024

Pc Games Early Access Indie Game Role Playing Game

Chef RPG, an open-world restaurant management role-playing game, is set to launch on Steam's early access program for PC and Mac. The game is primarily developed by Noah, the creator of the game development YouTube channel "Pixel Architect," which has an audience of 175,000 subscribers. The game has been in development for four years and was successfully funded on Kickstarter in December 2021.

Chef RPG's concept was inspired by Gordon Ramsay's great escape and draws inspiration from games such as Stardew Valley, Restaurant City, and Habbo Hotel. The game aims to reinvent the cooking genre by adding a heavy focus on open-world exploration and ingredient gathering, as well as integrating social and slice-of-life gameplay seen in games like Stardew Valley.

Players can choose to master the culinary arts, become a brave adventurer, or create a network of friends and grow their business through charisma and marketing. The game features beautiful pixel-art open-world environments, dozens of possible character builds, over 240 recipes, hundreds of furniture pieces, and 9 different cooking minigames. Players can also level up their character, unlock skills, and explore multiple story quests, characters, and romances.

Chef RPG's early access features include two restaurants, a main storyline, over 20 major characters, and various ways to obtain ingredients. The game's development team is consistently updating the Steam page and posting Chef RPG Devlogs and architectural design videos on Noah's YouTube channel.

In summary, Chef RPG is an open-world, restaurant management RPG that offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience. With its beautiful pixel-art graphics, various character builds, and in-depth storyline, the game promises to provide players with countless hours of entertainment. The game is set to launch on Steam's early access program for PC and Mac, and players can stay updated on its development through Noah's YouTube channel and the Chef RPG Steam page.


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