Cfinger Games Announces Viral Sensation Cleared Hot, a Nostalgic Helicopter Shooter

Gaming Staff • June 7, 2024

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Cfinger Games has recently revealed the trailer for their upcoming helicopter shooter game, Cleared Hot, which has quickly gained popularity and gone viral on Reddit and Twitter. The game features nostalgic gameplay with satisfying physics and light tactical elements, allowing players to shoot, dodge, and move their squad around the battlefield while picking up various objects with a rope and magnet.

Cleared Hot offers several exciting features, including a fully physics-based system, a full single-player campaign, three biomes (desert, jungle, and arctic), the ability to buy and upgrade helicopters, day and night missions, customizable loadouts, and a wide range of physics-based enemy vehicles.

The game's developer, Cfinger Games, is led by Colin Karpfinger, who previously founded a software consulting company that grew to 40 employees. However, he left the company to pursue his dream of building games. The Cfinger Games team currently consists of six members with diverse experience.

The trailer for Cleared Hot was first announced in a viral Reddit post, "I got tired of waiting for a Desert Strike remake, so I made my own," which received significant attention and stayed on the front page of r/gaming for a day. The trailer has since been showcased on the Pitch Ya Game twitter event, which highlights indie games looking for players and publishers.

Overall, Cleared Hot promises to deliver an exciting and nostalgic gaming experience, combining satisfying physics-based gameplay with tactical elements and a range of customizable features. With its viral success on Reddit and Twitter, the game is sure to attract a wide audience of players and fans.


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