Celebrate 10 Years of DayZ and Rust: A Decade of Survival

Gaming Staff • March 7, 2024

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To celebrate their 10th anniversaries, DayZ and Rust are offered at a 40% discount in The Pioneer Survival Pack on Steam from March 7th to 14th. Both games have evolved significantly since their inception, providing immersive and engaging experiences to millions of players.

DayZ, with its realistic post-apocalyptic setting, has grown beyond its initial survival mod roots. It now features a captivating blend of survival mechanics, open-world exploration, and player-driven narratives, fostering a strong and dedicated community.

Rust has transformed from a simple survival game into a global phenomenon. Its unique challenges, creativity, and community spirit have attracted a wide range of players, making it a leader in the survival genre.

In the past decade, the two games have achieved impressive milestones, including:

* Over 26 million copies sold
* Over 500 content drops and updates
* Over 205,000 Steam workshop items
* Over 11 million Twitch followers
* Over 24 million YouTube views

The success of both DayZ and Rust can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to providing engaging experiences and regular updates. Their dedication to players has allowed them to lead the survival genre and face various challenges, including game trends, economic downturns, and a global pandemic.

Scotty Bowen, DayZ Brand Manager, and Alistair McFarlane from Facepunch Studios expressed their excitement about the games' 10-year journey and the release of The Pioneer Survival Pack. Both studios remain committed to their players and will continue to provide regular updates and content for both DayZ and Rust.

Bohemia Interactive and Facepunch Studios have grown from small teams to international families of professionals, dedicated to creating games that act as platforms for exploration, creation, and connection. For more information about DayZ and Bohemia Interactive, visit [www.dayz.com](http://www.dayz.com) and [www.bistudio.com](http://www.bistudio.com).


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