Carrieverse Hits 100,000 DAU Milestone, Solidifying Its Place in Web3 Metaverse

Gaming Staff • April 1, 2024

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Carrieverse, a Web3 metaverse platform, announced on April 1st that it had reached a significant milestone of 100,000 Daily Active Users (DAU) since its global launch on March 28th. The platform's main user base is in Thailand, the Philippines, and South America, but it has also gained popularity in Vietnam and Indonesia. Carrieverse's gross sales have also increased, ranking 16th in all games and 4th in casual games in Thailand, and 15th in all games and 4th in casual games in the Philippines.

The game has also gained popularity in the global metaverse, reaching the Top 100 Casual ranks in 86 countries worldwide. Blockchain users account for a significant portion of Carrieverse's user base, with the platform topping the global blockchain game ranking site,, since its global launch.

David Yoon, the CEO of Carrieverse, expressed his pride in the platform's success and its contribution to the Korean gaming industry's growth in the Web3 market. Carrieverse has also hinted at a large-scale IP collaboration in the future, suggesting that the platform may be reborn as a metaverse based on various Ips.

Carrieverse's success in attracting a significant number of DAUs and its high rankings in gross sales and on-chain data indicate its potential to become a strong K-game in the global Web3 gaming market. The platform's commitment to contributing to the growth of the Korean gaming industry and its plans for future IP collaborations make it an exciting project to watch in the Web3 gaming space.


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