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Gaming Staff • May 9, 2024

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Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, the popular JRPG with over 15 million downloads worldwide, has launched its version 3.7.10 update. This update introduces the popular character Yakumo's Another Style and his Sidekick Kumos's Another Style, as well as a new type of content called the "Cat Scratchbook." The Cat Scratchbook is a dream journal that players can use to find wandering cats and obtain rewards including Key Cards and Chronos Stones.

The 7th anniversary campaign, which offers a total of 3,000+ Cronos Stones for logging in and clearing the Episodes, is continuing. Additionally, campaigns offering items that allow players to get 5-star class characters for progressing through the Main Story are back.

The Cat Scratchbook adventure begins by visiting the Spacetime Rift after clearing Chapter 25 of the Main Story. Players can follow the clues written in the Cat Scratchbook to find cats out in the world to get prizes including Key Cards or even Chronos Stones. Each cat found will be marked in players' Cat Scratchbooks with a special stamp, and if they collect a certain amount, they can also earn Majestic Furballs that can be traded at the Cats' Saucer for gear with special abilities.

The Scratchbook will also level up based on the amount of cats found on Scratchbook trips, as well as Main Story progress. A higher-level Scratchbook means cats can visit more places, gives the player more cats to look for daily, and will raise the weekly cap on receivable stamps.

The update also includes new encounters, a new feature called Sidekick Styles, and various campaigns. The game is now available on Steam for PC, iOS via the App Store, and Android via Google Play. For more information, please visit the official website and follow on Twitter and Facebook.


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