AIChemist's Synthetic Data Revolution and 'Let in Diner' Game Launch at PlayX4 B2B 2024

Gaming Staff • May 31, 2024

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AIChemist's Synthetic Data Revolution and 'Let in Diner' Game Launch at PlayX4 B2B 2024

AIChemist, a company specializing in artificial intelligence and data technology, will participate in the 2024 PlayX4 B2B event in Ilsan, showcasing its SaaS-based synthetic data platform and a horror game called 'Let in Diner.' The company's synthetic data platform uses a proprietary procedural algorithm to generate desired terrain and cities within an hour, which is claimed to be over ten times cheaper than 3D scanning methodologies. AIChemist has found success in industrial safety and smart factories, working with clients like the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Rheinmetall. In Korea, the company is an official partner with Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-WATER), working on digital twins for promotional materials and logistics sorting systems.

'Let in Diner' is a horror game that utilizes AI technology to provide an enjoyable experience for both viewers and players. The game features real-time NPC reactions based on user facial recognition, leading to substantial changes in the storyline. AIChemist plans to release 'Let in Diner' via Steam in various formats, including VR, console, and PC, targeting 3 billion KRW in sales within a year. The company aims to focus on markets where streamer culture is most established, such as Korea, the U.S., and Japan, and secure funds for overseas expansion through seed investment.

The 2024 PlayX4 B2B event, hosted by Gyeonggi Province and organized by Gyeonggi Content Agency, will feature new game exhibitions and experiences from domestic and international game companies under the theme 'More than the Fun of Games.' Additional programs include a retro market, esports tournaments, and cosplay events.


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