ADA: Tainted Soil - A Family's Quest for Redemption in a Surreal World

Gaming Staff • February 20, 2024

ADA: Tainted Soil - A Family's Quest for Redemption in a Surreal World

Eneida Games and La Familia are set to release their new hardcore pixel-based combat game, ADA: Tainted Soil, for PC in the summer of 2024. The game follows a young girl named Ada who becomes infected with Black Ink, granting her magical powers, but also corrupting the world in the process. Ada must use her new abilities to save her family and restore the world while exploring a surreal, dream-like world.

The game features challenging combat with movement-based mechanics, a beautiful pixel-based art style, and customizable character progression. Players can choose what skills to level up and find resources to tailor Ada's abilities to their own playstyle. The game also includes challenging boss fights that require tactical approaches to defeat.

Eneida Games is an independent Polish video game producer and publisher, known for their projects that touch on important social issues. They developed and published the horror title Don't Be Afraid in 2020 and were the first publisher of The Last Show of Mr. Chardish. La Familia is a Polish game development company focusing in multicultural productions that explore surrealist themes. They have worked on Mauser Me Now and Road to Yokoshima.

In ADA: Tainted Soil, family is the central focus of the story, with players fighting to save captured family members and restore the world. The game is expected to be an extremely difficult combat game with a lot of heart, and a unique experience that balances a deep narrative with unique mechanics.


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