Ad SHOOt: A SHMUP Where Advertisements Are the Enemy

Gaming Staff • June 18, 2024

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BOCSTE, Ltd. has announced the release of their vertical scrolling bullet hell shooter game, "Ad SHOOt," on Steam, with a tentative release date of November 5, 2024. The game's story revolves around the protagonist's frustration with pre-video ads and their decision to enter a shooting game where shooting down ads is the objective. Completing all stages promises an ad-free experience.

The title "Ad SHOOt" is a combination and abbreviation of the words "advertising" and "shooter game." The game is recommended for SHMUP beginners, those who have given up on SHMUPs in the past, and anyone who has had their internet browsing interrupted by ads. It may also appeal to advertisers who are saddened by the perception of their ads as annoyances.

"Ad SHOOt" stands out from existing SHMUPs with its all-male cast of attractive characters and beautiful voices, as well as its unique use of (fictitious) advertisements as enemy aircraft and bullets. The game features a "rotary lock-punching machine" and "condominium poem" as motifs for the barrage, and even includes a boss that summons a real estate agent.

The game is priced around $10-$15 and will be available on Windows PC/Steam, with plans to port it to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation5. BOCSTE, Ltd. is also the developer and publisher of "Kakureza Library," an ADV game produced by "Norabako" that was published on March 1, 2024.


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