The Lullaby of Life: A Musical Puzzle Adventure Launches April 30, 2024

The Lullaby of Life, an IndieCade award-winning puzzle adventure game, is set to release on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and Fanatical on April 30, 2024


Solve Murder Mysteries in 1920s China: Murders on the Yangtze River Coming to Steam

OMEGames Studio, a Beijing-based indie game developer, has announced the English release of its successful PC debut title, "Murders on the Yangtze River


FarmCon 24: Cultivating the Future of Farming Simulator

GIANTS Software, the publisher and developer of the Farming Simulator series, has announced details for the upcoming Farming Simulator convention, FarmCon 24


Treasures of the Roman Empire: A Thief's Adventure in Ancient Rome

Strange Beat Games, an independent developer, has announced the release of Treasures Of The Roman Empire for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S


Moons of Ardan: Space City-Builder Launches on

Pandora Technology, the Belgian game development studio, has launched the early access of their space city-builder game, Moons of Ardan, on GOG


Jagex Appoints Industry Veteran Marc Allera as Chairman

Jagex, a leading UK video game company and developer of the RuneScape franchise, has appointed Marc Allera as Chairman of the Board


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